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Swedish Monarchy:
Details on Prince Carl Philip's Wedding
Swedish Royal Wedding
The King and Queen of Sweden
The Swedish Monarchy
Les Princesses Suédoise
Princess Madeleine
The Future Queen of Sweden
The Crown Princess of Sweden
Princess Estelle Ewa Mary of Sweden
Royal Barbie Dolls
Svenska Kungfamiljen
Wonderful Royals
The Wedding of Princess Madeleine
The Awesome Swedish Royals!

British Monarchy:
New British Princess!
Britain's Royals
Prince Harry in Lesotho
Pregnant Duchess of Cambridge makes public appearance
The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh visit the set of Game of Thrones
The full story behind Diana: Her True Story
Creepy Painting of Danish Royals
Royal Barbie Dolls 
Some British Royals...
Prince George's Christening
The House of Windsor-Mountbatten
Sophie, Countess of Wessex
Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother
Queen Empress Victoria
Elizabeth the Great
Wonderful Royals 
Collector of Jewels: Queen Mary of Great Britain
My all-time favorite royal: Queen Alexandra of Great Britain
Willem-Alexander v. Elizabeth II
16 years ago...
Queen Mary of Great Britain
Queen Alexandra of Great Britain
Elizabeth II Regina
Glamorous Royals
Queen Elizabeth the Second
More Postage Stamps of Queen Elizabeth II and her Family
Prince William, Kate, and Charles and Camilla
Diana, Princess of Wales
Queen Elizabeth II and other British Royals 

Norwegian Monarchy:
Danish Monarchy:
Monégasque Monarchy:

Jordanian Monarchy:
Greek Monarchy:
Japanese Monarchy:
Persian Monarchy:





Moroccan Monarchy:




Lichtenstein Monarchy:

A Bunch of Royals! 

Thai Monarchy: 

Iraqi Monarchy: