01 April 2012

More postage stamps of Queen Elizabeth II and her family

A set of  5 British stamps commemorating the Golden Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. 

This picture of the Queen always reminds me of Princess Margaret.

A small assortment of some stamps I own of the Queen, and a Sarawak stamp featuring a pretty butterfly and her father, King George VI.

A young Princess Elizabeth (front row, far left) with her swim team.

Elizabeth and Philip on their wedding day.

A contemporary reissue of the Wilding definitive stamps that were the first stamps issued of the new Queen in 1952.

Commemorative seals celebrating the coronation of 1937 of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth. I was always intrigued that they place the Duke of Windsor (King Edward VIII) next to the Queen Mother, since she always hated the Duke and his wife, Wallis, blaming them ultimately for her husband's death from cancer.

Stamps commemorating the death of the Queen Mother. These are identical to stamps issued for something like her 80th birthday, except instead of the border being silver, it is black.

One of my favorite stamps, since Queen Mary is wearing a pretty spiky tiara and a large row of pearl chokers and necklaces.

A seal from the same sheet commemorating the 1937 coronation. She is wearing the Delhi Durbar tiara with the emeralds, and the uppermost emerald and diamond choker she is wearing was later gifted to Princess Diana by the present Queen.

An Australian stamp of the Queen Mother, which I love because she is wearing a lovely diamond spike tiara.