07 September 2011

Diamond Stars

Diamond stars worn in the hair or pinned on the bodice were made fashionable by the Empress Elisabeth of Austria-Hungary in the late 19th Century, who would wear several of them in her long, beautiful brown hair.

Blue topaz and diamond ear clips and brooch set.

Wedding tiara of Crown Princess Maxima of the Netherlands. This tiara had formerly been worn by HM Queen Beatrix, but with pearl and diamond clusters instead of diamond stars.

A pearl and diamond royal order at the treasury at Rosenborg Castle,
Denmark. It is part of the Danish coronation regalia.

A diamond star burst hair ornament.

An unusual ruby and diamond sea star tiara.

Diamond snowflake earrings.

A blue enamel and diamond jewelry set.

A ruby and diamond star tiara.

Diamond star dress ornaments.

A set of five perfect dress ornaments. These are my favorite diamond stars! Just the right number of point on each star, the beautiful blackened metal around the diamonds, and the slender sharp tips.

A diamond and ruby star brooch encased in a diamond and sapphire circle.

A large set of diamond star jewels.

Diamond star earrings.

Diamond star earrings.

A diamond star set into a semi-precious stone, surrounded by gold intertwining wire.

An unusual aigrette tiara sold at auction at Christie's.

A diamond star tiara, where each star would detach and could be worn as dress ornaments or separate hair clips.

A sunburst tiara.

A Russian Orthodox pendant, with a small miniature of Catherine the Great at the bottom.

The Grand Duchess Vladimir of Russia wearing a large diamond sunburst ornament in her hair.

A diamond festoon tiara topped with large diamond stars.

A half sunburst tiara.

A Tiffany and Co. diamond star brooch.