06 February 2012

Fabulous Fabergé Tiaras

 A tall and grand diamond Faberge tiara, belonging to the Duke and Duchess of Westminster.

 An emerald and diamond tiara sketch. Many Faberge tiaras must have been disassembled or lost during the years, as there doesn't seem to be that many left these days.

 Another Faberge drawing of an elaborate diamond and emerald tiara.

 A more delicate design, a diamond and emerald tiara sketch.

 A very sharp and angular tiara of diamonds and emeralds.

 A large diamond and cabochon sapphire tiara belonging to the Empress Alexandra Feodorovna, the last empress of Russia.

 The preliminary drawing for the tiara pictured above, that belonged to the Empress Alexandra of Russia.

 A page out of one of Faberge's catalogues. There is a diamond tiara, two necklaces, a brooch, and two other accessories.

 A delicate little Faberge tiara. The base looks to be a pale blue ribbon, but it is actually a patterned and textured blue enamel.

 A diamond floral wreath, very similar to the one that the Crown Princess Mathilde of Belgium often wears.

 A Faberge tiara in its original box.

 A sketch of a diamond and pear-shaped Sapphire tiara.

A kokoshnik-shaped tiara, with cabochon sapphire elements which are redolent of flowers, and a matching brooch.