14 April 2014

Purple Rings

I must share these purple rings, as it takes me forever to gather together enough purple rings together to post them! Why do rings not come in the color purple? Purple is my sister's favorite color, so I always think of her when I see purple jewels. Someday I'll do a post of the dream purple jewelry parure I put together for her!

An 18 karat gold, amethyst and diamond cocktail ring by Andrew Grima, 1964.

A lilac jade, sapphire and diamond dress ring.

An amethyst, turquoise, and diamond ring by Cartier, 1989.

An etched and enameled glass ring by Rene Lalique, circa 1920.

An oval amethyst and diamond ring.

A purple star cabochon sapphire, diamond and platinum ring/pendant combination.

A purple sapphire and diamond ring, London assay marks.

A purple star sapphire and colored sapphire ring.

A tanzanite, diamond and amethyst ring by Chopard.

13 April 2014

Cartier Panthère Rings

 Cartier's Panthère jewelry line is so charming! There are brooches, bracelets, rings, earrings and necklaces with these cute diamond and onyx panthers all over them. It would be so cool to be able to own one of these rings. Even the Duchess of Windsor had a Cartier Panthère brooch with a large cabochon sapphire set into it.
18 karat white gold, diamond, emerald and onyx "Panthère" ring, Cartier, France.

18 karat white gold, diamond, emerald and onyx "Panthère" ring, Cartier, France.

Diamond, gold, emerald and onyx "Panthère" ring by Cartier.

Another gold and diamond "Panthère" ring by Cartier.

A platinum, sapphire, onyx and diamond "Panthère" ring, Cartier.

Diamond and emerald "Panthère" ring, Cartier.

Diamond, emerald and onyx "Panthère" rings, Cartier.

Diamond, emerald and onyx "Panthère" ring, Cartier.

Gold, turquoise and emerald "Panthère" ring, Cartier.

12 April 2014

Cute Animal Rings

 Animal rings really are the best. You get this cute mini animal on your finger, and the rings themselves are always very large and flashy. Of course, these are fancy dress up rings, and probably wouldn't be practical for everyday wear.
A nephrite, ruby and gold ring by David Webb.

A ram's head ring by Aurelie Bidermann, $270.

A diamond butterfly ring.

A beautiful diamond and green garnet snake ring.

A super-cute hugging geese "Inseparables" ring by Van Cleef & Arpels.

My favorite (I LOVE parrots and bird) ring, a diamond, platinum, sapphire and onyx cockatoo ring by Cartier.

A precious polar bear ring of diamond and sapphires by Chopard.

A diamond swallow ring. I wish I'd written down more info on this thing, it's a lovely ring!

11 April 2014

Diamond Diadems

A 19th century rose-cut diamond aigrette tiara.

A diamond, gold and platinum tiara, circa 1940.

A 14 karat white gold and diamond tiara.

A diamond tiara from circa 1900, with removable pieces that form a brooch and pendants.

A diamond tiara, circa 1900.

A diamond wheat sheaf tiara, second half of the 19th century.

Queen Elizabeth II's diamond Girls of Great Britain and Northern Ireland tiara. It was originally presented as a wedding gift to Queen Mary when she married George V (then Duke of York).

A diamond and platinum contemporary headband by Harry Winston.

A diamond tiara by Jacques Chaumet, 1900.

A diamond tiara from 1890. The style of this tiara, being elevated up so high off the head, would allow for a very full hairdo and the hair wouldn't obscure the tiara.

Queen Elizabeth II's diamond kokoshnik tiara. It was originally a gift to Queen Alexandra, meant to match a kokoshnik tiara that her sister, the Empress Marie Fedorovna of Russia, owned. It originally had more diamond bars on the tiara, but something like a dozen or more of them have been removed by the present Queen.

Queen Victoria's diamond fringe tiara.

A diamond tiara by Raff. Fecarotta & Co., late 19th century.

A contemporary white gold and diamond tiara headband by Solange Azagury Partridge.

The Van Cleef & Arpels tiara of Grace, Princess of Monaco. It was among many pieces that Grace's family sold at auction after her death. It was most recently seen in the film Mirror, Mirror, with leading lady Lily Collins wearing it.

10 April 2014

Joel Arthur Rosenthal

I don't think any other jeweler is as inventive, creative, or as talented as the famous house of JAR. JAR are the initials of jeweler Joel Arthur Rosenthal, who ran his jewelry business out of a small inconspicuous shop front in Paris for years. He is quoted as saying that if you have to ask him how much he is going to charge to make you a piece, you can't afford it. His items appear frequently in Sotheby's fine jewelry auctions, and they always fetch handsome prices. JAR is a two-person team, and as such, JAR only produces about 80 pieces a year, which is a modest amount for such a famous and well-known firm.

A pair of diamond and gold ear clips.

Bracelet of diamonds, silver and platinum, 2010.

Colored Balls necklace, 1999, made with various colored stones.

Horse brooch, carved from shell, with diamond feathers on its head.

18 karat gold, silver, pearl and diamond ear clips.

Pair of purple anodized titanium ear clips.

A pave pink stone rose ring.

A diamond ring with a dangling briolette diamond.

Model Stella Tennant with an aluminum and diamond butterfly brooch by JAR.

Stella Tennant wearing JAR's striped chalcedony and diamond fringe earrings.

Stella Tennant wearing the Weeping Willow earrings, made with chrysoberyls and diamonds. Tennant fell in love with these earrings, and Rosenthal unprecedentedly let her borrow them for a day. Tennant had a hard time giving them back to JAR, and she seriously considered taking out a mortgage on her home in order to purchase them.