22 November 2014

Cute and Cuddly Bejeweled Animals

 Well, maybe they're not all cuddly. :)

Seed pearl, ruby and diamond brooch designed as a winged sea monster, second half of the 19th century.


18 karat gold cat brooch by Cartier, 1967.

A super cute 18 karat gold, coral, emerald and diamond brooch, Van Cleef & Arpels.

18 karat gold, platinum, diamond, emerald and enamel brooch and ear clips, David Webb.

An 18 karat gold, platinum, hardstone, sapphire and diamond brooch, David Webb.

18 karat gold, yellow diamond, white diamond and onyx double clip-brooch, Graff.

An 18 karat two-color gold, pink diamond and white diamond teddy bear brooch, Graff.

A diamond, blister pearl, and emerald gazelle brooch, David Webb.

An enamel, diamond and emerald ram brooch, David Webb.

Another cute squirrel brooch, this one with citrine and emerald, by Cartier, circa 1965.

An enamel and pearl crocodile brooch.

A diamond, onyx, and emerald Panthère pin, Cartier.

A platinum, diamond, enamel and ruby "Rabbit" brooch by Raymond Yard, circa 1930.

A sapphire and diamond Panthère brooch, Cartier.

A silver and enamel brooch by René Lalique, first half of the 20th century.

A silver, 18 karat gold and ruby "Cancer" brooch/case, René Boivin.

Two gem-set brooches, late 19th century (circa 1900), depicting an eagle and a deer.

21 November 2014

Tiara Necklace Combinations

A diamond tiara/necklace combination, late 19th century.

A diamond tiara/necklace combination, late 19th century.

A diamond tiara/necklace combination, late 19th century.

A diamond tiara/necklace combination.

A diamond and pearl tiara/necklace combination.

A diamond and pearl tiara/necklace by David Webb.

A diamond tiara/necklace, circa 1900.

Diamond tiara/necklace, circa 1910, by F. Kandelhart.

A Edwardian diamond tiara/necklace, circa 1905.

An emerald and diamond tiara/necklace, circa 1830.

A diamond  and cabochon emerald tiara/necklace by Monture Cartier, 1953. It was likely made for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.

A diamond  and cabochon emerald tiara/necklace by Monture Cartier, 1953.

20 November 2014

The Future Queen of Sweden

Victoria Ingrid Alice Désirée, Crown Princess of Sweden, Duchess of Västergötland, is the eldest child of King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia, and was born on 14 July 1977.

The declaration of Crown Princess Victoria's majority took place in the Hall of State at the Royal Palace of Stockholm on 14 July 1995.   

 The Crown Princess will be Sweden's first female Head of State from the Bernadotte Dynasty. In modern times Sweden has only had two queens regnant, Kristina and Ulrika Eleonora. 

Tuesday 24 February 2009, The Crown Princess and Mr Daniel Westling announced their engagement at the Royal Palace in Stockholm. The wedding took place on 19 June 2010 in Storkyrkan in Stockholm.  

On 23 February 2012 Princess Estelle was born.

Olof Daniel, Prince of Sweden, Duke of Västergötland, was born in Örebro on 15 September, 1973. His parents are Ewa Kristina Westling and Olle Gunnar Westling. 

Daniel Westling and Crown Princess Victoria got to know each other in 2001. 

Info from http://www.kungahuset.se

19 November 2014

Queen Sonja of Norway

Queen Sonja, born Sonja Haraldsen on 4 July 1937. Married then Crown Prince Harald in Oslo Cathedral on 29 August 1968. Became queen on 17 January 1991. Consecrated in Nidaros Cathedral on 23 June 1991. Children: Princess Märtha Louise and Crown Prince Haakon.

Sonja was born in Oslo on 4 July 1937, the daughter of clothing merchant Karl August Haraldsen (1889–1959) and Dagny Haraldsen née Ulrichsen (1898–1994).  She grew up at Tuengen Allé 1B in the district of Vinderen in Oslo and completed her lower secondary schooling in 1954. She received a diploma in dressmaking and tailoring at the Oslo Vocational School, and a diploma from École Professionnelle des Jeunes Filles (a finishing school) in Lausanne, Switzerland. There, she studied accounting, fashion design, and social science.  She returned to Norway for further studies and received an undergraduate degree (French, English and Art History) from the University of Oslo.

onja became engaged to then Crown Prince Harald in March 1968. They had been dating for nine years, although their relationship had been kept secret because of her non-royal status. The Crown Prince made it clear to his father, King Olav V, that he would remain unmarried for life unless he could marry her. This would in effect have put an end to the rule of his family, and likely to the monarchy in Norway, as Harald was the sole heir to the throne. Faced with having to choose one of his relatives from the Danish Royal Family, the Dukes of Schleswig-Holstein or even the Grand Dukes of Oldenburg as his new heir in place of his son, Olav V consulted the government for advice and, as a result, the couple was wed on 29 August 1968, at Oslo Domkirke in Oslo. She thus acquired the style of Royal Highness and the title of Crown Princess of Norway.

Immediately after the wedding, the new Crown Princess began to carry out her royal duties, traveling extensively in Norway and abroad. In 1972 she was involved in establishing Princess Märtha Louise’s Fund, which provides assistance to disabled children in Norway. She has taken active part in large-scale initiatives to raise funds for international refugees and spent time in the 1970s visiting Vietnamese boat refugees in Malaysia.  

From 1987 to 1990, Crown Princess Sonja served as Vice President of the Norwegian Red Cross. She was responsible for the organisation’s international activities. She took part in a Red Cross delegation to Botswana and Zimbabwe in 1989. 

Following the death of King Olav V on 17 January 1991, Sonja became Norway's first queen consort in 53 years. Queen Sonja accompanied King Harald V when he swore his oath to uphold the Constitution in the Storting on 21 January 1991. It was the first time in 69 years that a Norwegian queen had been present in the Storting. Queen Sonja has accompanied the King to the formal opening of the fall session of the Storting and the reading of the Speech from the Throne since his accession.

In accordance with their own wishes, the King and Queen were consecrated in Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim on 23 June 1991. Following the consecration, the King and Queen conducted a 10-day tour of Southern Norway. In 1992, the entire Royal Family conducted a 22-day tour of Norway’s four northernmost counties. 

 The Queen accompanies the King on official state visits abroad. She acts as the hostess when foreign heads of state officially visit Norway. The Queen has also given lectures on Norway as a tourist destination on several occasions during official state visits abroad. 

 In 2005, Queen Sonja became the first queen ever to visit Antarctica. The Queen was there to open the Norwegian Troll research station in the country's Antarctic dependency, Queen Maud Land. The Queen flew in on one of the Royal Norwegian Air Force's C-130H Hercules transport aircraft, landing at Troll Airfield.  

The Queen is appointed a Rear Admiral in the Royal Norwegian Navy and a Brigadier in the Norwegian army. She has undergone a basic officer training course and has participated in exercises.

Queen Sonja as a baby.

Biography courtesy of Wikipedia.com