10 April 2014

Joel Arthur Rosenthal

I don't think any other jeweler is as inventive, creative, or as talented as the famous house of JAR. JAR are the initials of jeweler Joel Arthur Rosenthal, who ran his jewelry business out of a small inconspicuous shop front in Paris for years. He is quoted as saying that if you have to ask him how much he is going to charge to make you a piece, you can't afford it. His items appear frequently in Sotheby's fine jewelry auctions, and they always fetch handsome prices. JAR is a two-person team, and as such, JAR only produces about 80 pieces a year, which is a modest amount for such a famous and well-known firm.

A pair of diamond and gold ear clips.

Bracelet of diamonds, silver and platinum, 2010.

Colored Balls necklace, 1999, made with various colored stones.

Horse brooch, carved from shell, with diamond feathers on its head.

18 karat gold, silver, pearl and diamond ear clips.

Pair of purple anodized titanium ear clips.

A pave pink stone rose ring.

A diamond ring with a dangling briolette diamond.

Model Stella Tennant with an aluminum and diamond butterfly brooch by JAR.

Stella Tennant wearing JAR's striped chalcedony and diamond fringe earrings.

Stella Tennant wearing the Weeping Willow earrings, made with chrysoberyls and diamonds. Tennant fell in love with these earrings, and Rosenthal unprecedentedly let her borrow them for a day. Tennant had a hard time giving them back to JAR, and she seriously considered taking out a mortgage on her home in order to purchase them.