11 April 2014

Diamond Diadems

A 19th century rose-cut diamond aigrette tiara.

A diamond, gold and platinum tiara, circa 1940.

A 14 karat white gold and diamond tiara.

A diamond tiara from circa 1900, with removable pieces that form a brooch and pendants.

A diamond tiara, circa 1900.

A diamond wheat sheaf tiara, second half of the 19th century.

Queen Elizabeth II's diamond Girls of Great Britain and Northern Ireland tiara. It was originally presented as a wedding gift to Queen Mary when she married George V (then Duke of York).

A diamond and platinum contemporary headband by Harry Winston.

A diamond tiara by Jacques Chaumet, 1900.

A diamond tiara from 1890. The style of this tiara, being elevated up so high off the head, would allow for a very full hairdo and the hair wouldn't obscure the tiara.

Queen Elizabeth II's diamond kokoshnik tiara. It was originally a gift to Queen Alexandra, meant to match a kokoshnik tiara that her sister, the Empress Marie Fedorovna of Russia, owned. It originally had more diamond bars on the tiara, but something like a dozen or more of them have been removed by the present Queen.

Queen Victoria's diamond fringe tiara.

A diamond tiara by Raff. Fecarotta & Co., late 19th century.

A contemporary white gold and diamond tiara headband by Solange Azagury Partridge.

The Van Cleef & Arpels tiara of Grace, Princess of Monaco. It was among many pieces that Grace's family sold at auction after her death. It was most recently seen in the film Mirror, Mirror, with leading lady Lily Collins wearing it.