24 January 2015

Les Princesses Suédoises

Princess Victoria of Sweden with her daughter Princess Estelle, pictured at the christening of baby Princess Leonore, Princess Madeleine's daughter.

Crown Princess Victoria in 2014.

Princess Victoria pictured sitting next to her husband, Prince Daniel, at the Nobel Prize ceremony, 2014.

Queen Silvia and Princess Madeleine.

The ladies of the Swedish royal family: Madeleine, Estelle, Victoria and Silvia.

Princess Madeleine, Princess Estelle, Crown Princess Victoria, and Queen Silvia.

Princess Madeleine

The darling Princess Estelle Ewa Mary in October 2014.

Princess Madeleine holding her daughter, Princess Leonore, for her christening ceremony in June 2014.

Princess Madeleine as a child, with her beloved bunny, Snuffle, who is decorated with a daisy tiara around his head.

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