12 April 2014

Cute Animal Rings

 Animal rings really are the best. You get this cute mini animal on your finger, and the rings themselves are always very large and flashy. Of course, these are fancy dress up rings, and probably wouldn't be practical for everyday wear.
A nephrite, ruby and gold ring by David Webb.

A ram's head ring by Aurelie Bidermann, $270.

A diamond butterfly ring.

A beautiful diamond and green garnet snake ring.

A super-cute hugging geese "Inseparables" ring by Van Cleef & Arpels.

My favorite (I LOVE parrots and bird) ring, a diamond, platinum, sapphire and onyx cockatoo ring by Cartier.

A precious polar bear ring of diamond and sapphires by Chopard.

A diamond swallow ring. I wish I'd written down more info on this thing, it's a lovely ring!