16 June 2015

Details on Prince Carl Philip's wedding

Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia at the centre of the table of honour, in the Vita Havet Assembly Rooms at the Royal Palace of Stockholm.

The royal wedding banquet was held at the Royal Palace of Stockholm, and the menu was as follows:


White asparagus "Princess Sofia" cooked in elderflower juice with roe from Älvdalen, asparagus and chive emulsion
Langoustine simmered with coriander served with grilled scallop, yuzu dressing, wood sorrel and split peas
Fried, lightly cured Hjälmaren pike-perch with grilled spring vegetables, caramelised crème fraîche and smoked butter
Peach and raspberry tartelette with white chocolate, champagne and peach sorbet

During the dinner, The King gave a speech in which he said: "It really is striking, just how much happiness and togetherness that you, Sofia and Carl Philip have found in each other. It is genuinely pleasing to see how you both bring out the best in each other. How you cooperate and complement each other, and how you support each other – in both the big and little things."

Princess Sofia's father, Mr Erik Hellqvist, also gave a speech in which he said: "Carl-Philip, I won’t ask you to look after my daughter. She has always managed that fine herself.  But I do ask you both to continue to take good care of each other."
Prince Carl Philip gave the final speech, saying: "I have got a lot left to learn in life, and a lot left to do. It is a long road, and I am immensely looking forward to travelling it with you. But I've already learnt the most important thing I need to know, and that is: love conquers all."
After the wedding banquet, the wedding cake – which had been made by the Swedish National Pastry Team – was served.
The evening concluded with dancing in Karl XI's Gallery.

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