07 September 2011

Swedish Royals

Crown Princess Victoria wearing a large flower button tiara with two rows of diamonds on the bottom.
Princess Victoria in a spike tiara which can also be worn as a necklace. Every royal family owns at least a couple of spike tiaras, which are based on the Russian Fringe, or Kokoshnik.
Princess Victoria wearing her large and impressive steel and gold tiara, which she first started wearing only a couple of years ago.

Victoria at a Nobel Prize ceremony.

Victoria at a Nobel Prize ceremony.

A happier, more recent picture of the Crown Princess, wearing the diamond spike tiara.

Pink seems to be the Princess' preferred color, and she wears it well.

Victoria at another Nobel ceremony.

Victoria and Daniel on their wedding day. Victoria is wearing the cameo tiara that her mother, Queen Silvia, wore on her own wedding.
Victoria, Carl Philip, and Madeleine in full ceremony dress.
Victoria's wearing of jewelry has matured through the years, and the pieces have become more sophisticated. Here she is pictured wearing a double diamond headband, which she wore when she was younger.
The Swedish royals sweetly interchange the tiaras they wear with each other, and here Madeleine is wearing a large tiara that Queen Silvia used to always wear.
Princess Maxima of the Netherlands, Princess Victoria of Sweden, Princess Mary of Denmark.
Victoria wearing the spike tiara and a simple parure of diamonds.

Victoria on her wedding day. Over the years, she has suffered from depression. She  has dyslexia, and was bulimic in her youth, but since her engagement and marriage to Daniel Westling, she has never looked happier.