06 March 2013

Elizabeth II Regina

Queen Elizabeth wearing the diamond "Girls of Great Britain and Ireland" Tiara, and the diamond and cabochon emerald Delhi Durbar necklace.

Elizabeth and Philip in their engagement portrait. Elizabeth is wearing the diamond Dorset Bow Brooch of Queen Mary's.

The Queen in the 1950's, wearing the "Girls of Great Britain and Ireland" Tiara, the diamond chandelier earrings, and the three-tiered diamond festoon necklace. She is also wearing the Cullinan III and IV diamonds as a brooch.

Elizabeth wearing the famous diamond tiara again (it was a wedding gift to Queen Mary), with Queen Victoria's coronation necklace, a wavy diamond bow brooch (also Mary's), and large diamond drop earrings.

The Queen at a movie premiere, wearing a diamond and ruby necklace with white furs, diamond tiara, and gold dress.

The Queen wearing the "Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara" with a simple pearl necklace.

Elizabeth wearing the diamond kokoshnik tiara of Queen Alexandra. It was based off of a diamond kokoshnik belonging to Alexandra's sister, the Empress Marie Fedorovna of Russia.

Elizabeth wearing a 4 strand pearl necklace with a neat grape vine hat..

The Queen wearing diamond and pearl earrings, a simple 3-strand pearl necklace, and a diamond bow brooch.

The queen on her wedding day. She wore the diamond fringe tiara, pearl earrings, and a pearl necklace.

The Queen as a child. She is wearing a brooch made of diamonds and precious stones.

This picture, from the 1980's, show the Queen wearing the Kent Demi-Paure of Amethysts and diamonds. The parure belonged to Queen Victoria's mother, the Duchess of Kent. The Queen rarely wears this beautiful set of jewellery, but with a new Princess in the family, we may see Kate wearing some of these not-often seen jewels.