14 October 2013

Princess Martha Louise of Norway

 Princess Martha Louise is one of Europe's most beautiful princesses! Did I ever tell you I met her once? She was touring around the United States to promote her children's book, Why Kings and Queens Don't Wear Crowns, and she came to a Barnes and Noble in downtown Seattle. She was wearing a white jacket, a long skirt, and rainbow high-heeled shoes from Guess. She was the sweetest lady I've ever met, plus it was cool to hear her read aloud from her book.

Princess Martha Louise, her husband Ari Behn, and their daughter, Maud Angelica Behn.

The Behns with their daughters.

With a young Maud Angelica.

Martha Louise in 2006.

Princess Martha Louise with her husband and family.

Celebrating the 40th birthday of Princess Martha Louise.

The Behns and their three daughters.

The Behns at the christening of their daughter Emma.

Princess Martha Louise and Ari Behn at the time of their engagement in 2001.

The Behns at the christening of their second child.

Martha Louise looking happy and tanned.

Since her marriage to Ari Behn, she has dropped the style "HRH" and goes by just Princess Martha Louise of Norway.