20 May 2014

Favorite Princess

Well, hardly anyone voted, but it looks like Crown Princess Mary came out on top with 3 votes as your favorite princess. See the results at the left.

I have a monthly poll for favorite jewelry designer this month, as it is obvious that I did not follow up in a timely manner on my weekly "Favorite Princess" poll.

Here are some new pics of your favorite princess, Crown Princess Mary of Denmark:

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark.

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary with their four kids, from left: Prince Christian, Prince Vincent, Princess Josephine, and Princess Isabella. It is tradition in Denmark that kings' names alternate between Frederik and Christian, and since Crown Prince Frederik will be King Frederik X, hence his son being name Christian, who will one day be King Christian XI.

Mary and Frederik at their wedding, on 14 May 2004, and they just celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary.

Mary arriving at Copenhagen Cathedral with her father, on her wedding day, 2014.

Crown Princess Mary in a May 2014 photo, with her two eldest kids, Princess Isabella and Prince Christian.

The Crown Prince Couple with their four kids.

The monogram of Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary.

Prince Frederik and Princess Mary. Mary is wearing a brooch that she often wears, most notably to the christenings of all four of her kids.

Mary and Frederik at the christening of their second born, Princess Isabella.

Crown Princess Mary and Crown Prince Frederik in a formal shot.

Prince Henrik, Queen Margrethe, Crown Princess Mary and Crown Prince Frederik. Mary and Margrethe are wearing traditional Scandinavian knitwear.