14 May 2014

Queen Maud of Norway

 Queen Maud of Norway is one of my favorite royals. She is so pretty! and elegant, and she looks so kind. Plus, she is the daughter of my all-time favorite royal, Queen Alexandra of Great Britain.

Queen Maud and King Haakon VII at their coronation in Trondeim Cathedral, Oslo, Norway. They were the first King and Queen of newly independent Norway, in 1905.

Princess Maud of Denmark, 1887.

Princess Maud of Denmark, 1889.

Princess Maud of Denmark (wife of Prince Carl of Denmark, later King Haakon VII), 1890.

Maud in 1894.

Princess Maud in 1896, wearing the beautiful diamond and pearl tiara that Sonja, Martha Louise, and Mette-Marit wear.

Maud in 1903.

The now Queen Maud in 1906.

Maud in 1906.

Queen Maud in 1906.

Queen Maud in 1914.

Picture of Queen Maud at the Nordic Heritage Museum, Seattle, WA.