29 April 2013

16 years ago...

  Sixteen years ago, the world lost one its most beloved princesses, Diana. It is hard to believe it's been so long since she was here. I always thought she was most beautiful the year she died, as it seemed that finally she had found herself, and felt comfortable in her own skin.

Diana Spencer as a young girl, holding a pet guinea pig.

Princess Diana early on in her marriage. She is wearing the Spencer family tiara, and the yellow-ribboned order of Queen Elizabeth II.

Diana wearing the "Cambridge Lover's Knot" tiara, which was commissioned by Queen Mary, and based off of a tiara belonging to the then Duchess of Cambridge.

This and the following photos are from a series by Mario Testino. In them, Diana looks relaxed and happy. They were taken a few short months before her death in Paris.

Diana wearing one of the various dressed she auctioned off in 1997.