01 April 2014

Creepy Painting of Danish Royals

I was Googling around to see if the Danish Monarchy has an official Twitter page, and this image came up:

Danish Royal Family by Thomas Kluge.

 Danish painter Thomas Kluge painted this last year, and it was widely criticised for being very creepy. I personally find it fascinating, there is such a close likeness to all the royals, and the children are like those kids from that movie, The Children of the Damned, but minus the glow-y red eyes. At any rate, they're definitely demonically possessed, especially Prince Christian, who is right up front.

I post about it because this is the kind of rad stuff that monarchies allow now days. Remember the Lucian Freud painting of Queen Elizabeth II, and her five o'clock shadow?

I personally love this painting of the Queen by Lucian Freud.

Where in medieval times you would have been beheaded for depicting monarchs in this way, they coolly let it be nowadays. Hooray for freedom of artistic expression!