18 March 2014

Royal Barbie Dolls

I still just love Barbies, with their tiny cute little outfits and super glamorous clothes! There are even really nice upscale Barbie Dolls with "silkstone" faces, which are more finely featured that the normal vinyl dolls are, and look a lot more like the actual people.

Here are some super cool royalty Barbies! I wish I had some of them.

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden Barbie.

Empress Josephine of France Barbie. This thing is apparently very rare, it sells on Ebay for upwards of $800!

A beautiful Queen Marie Antoinette of France Barbie. She has one of those fine silkstone faces.

Another Queen Marie Antoinette Barbie.

A Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge Barbies. William looks a bit funny, as his head is pretty large in relation to his body.

The famous post wedding kiss of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

A lovely Grace Kelly Barbie in a flowered dress.

Another Grace Kelly Barbie, I think this one is from the film To Catch a Thief, but correct me if I'm wrong.

Grace, Princess of Monaco wedding day Barbie.

A luxurious Queen Elizabeth I Barbie.