20 November 2013

Olde Tyme Royales

The Empress Vicky of Prussia, who was very disliked by her subjects and court.
Queen Marie Antoinette of France, consort to King Louis XVI.
Princess Olga of Yugoslavia with one of her children.
Princess Olga is wearing an impressive diamond tiara.
Queen Alexandra's bedroom at Buckingham Palace. She has many picture frames all around, most of them Faberge.
Queen Alexandra of Great Britain.
Queen Alexandra's Faberge room, which is plastered in her huge Faberge collection. What a spoiled lady.
The original Cambridge Lover's Knot tiara, on Princess Tatiana Yusupova (grandmother to the Rasputin-killing Prince Felix), shown on Grand Duchess Augusta, and the remade tiara, made for Queen Mary, shown on Queen Elizabeth.

The Empress Vicky of Prussia, mother to Kaiser Wilhelm II.
The Empress Eugenie of France, consort of the last Emperor of France, Napoleon III.
Irene, Princess Henry of Prussia. She is an aunt of Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburgh's, and sister to Grand Duchess Ella and Empress Alexandra of Russia.