29 September 2013

Queen Empress Victoria

The coronation of Queen Victoria

Winterhalter's "First of May," painting of a young Queen Victoria in a diamond spike tiara, with her firstborn child, and Prince Albert looks on from the back.

A miniature portrait of the young Queen Victoria, wearing a diamond and sapphire tiara.

A painting of Queen Victoria when she was a young girl.

The Empress Frederik William of Prussia, who was one of Queen Victoria's daughters, and an aunt to Empress Alexandra and Grand Duchess Elisabeth of Russia.

Queen Victoria in one of her many black dresses after Albert died.

Victoria in her full coronation regalia. She is holding the royal scepter and is wearing the Imperial State Crown.

Queen Victoria wearing the George IV Diadem.

Another miniature of Victoria, wearing the George IV Diadem.

Victoria again in the George IV diadem. It was said that King George the IV had the diadem made for himself, but he ended up never wearing it. Interestingly, a man has never worn this. Also, Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother never wore this diadem.

A card celebrating Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee.

Queen Victoria in her very old age. She is wearing a multitude of jewels, including one the tiny diamond crowns she wore in lieu of heavier state crowns.

Queen Victoria as a young child, with her mother, the Duchess of Kent.

Another painting of Queen Victoria in the George IV diadem.

A beautiful painting of the wedding of the young Queen Victoria to Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha.