16 February 2015

Queen Élisabeth of Belgium

I am excited to show you a piece of artwork I did while I was in high school. I have been a fan of royalty since I was 12, and my artwork is often inspired by royals.

Purchase the "Reine Élisabeth de Belgique" Print here.

This has been on my wall in every place I've lived for the past decade. I am currently trying to live with less things, and I am deciding to let this piece of artwork go to a new home. It is a linocut print done on white paper. It is 9x12 inches, and is framed behind glass in a black wood frame. 

I don't normally ship outside of the US, so if you do live elsewhere in the world and really want this item, let me know and I can make a custom shipping option for you.

Close-up of the Queen's face.
Queen Élisabeth (1876-1965) was the consort to King Albert I of Belgium (m. 1900–1934).

The image I based my print off of.

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