17 February 2015

Antique Royal Bottle Openers

 Chihuly Garden and Glass here in Seattle has become a real tourist location. It features large scale glass sculptures by American artist Dale Chihuly. In addition to Chihuly's own artwork, the permanent exhibition features collections of Mr. Chihuly's. One of the collections is hundreds of antique bottle openers that Chihuly has acquired over the years. The bottle openers are displayed in large glass-fronted frames in the men and women's bathrooms, as well as in the waiting area for the Chihuly Collections Café. On a visit to the exhibition, I took a closer look at the bottle openers, and realized they are from all over the world, and many of them feature royal images!

A Thai (?) inspired silvertone bottle opener.

A US coin bottle opener, featuring our Lady Liberty in a tiara.

An Asian bottle opener, featuring a man in a royal headdress.

A Danish bottle opener, featuring a Danish coat of arms.

A bottle opener with Danish crossed flags and a crown.

A bottle opener from 1911 featuring a crude portrait of King George V of Great Britain.

A goldtone bottle opener with a crude portrait of Queen Victoria.

My personal favorite - a bottle opener with a highly detailed profile view of a princess or queen, whom is wearing a full matching suite of jewelry, including earrings, tiara, and hair comb.

A golden crown bottle opener.

Another Asian or Thai piece.

Another coin piece, showing a person wearing a small bandeau.

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