09 August 2013

The Imperial Japanese Women

 After suffering years of depression and being out of the spotlight forever, it looks like Princess Masako of Japan isn't doing so bad. She still looks beautiful, and little Princess Aiko Toshinomiya looks as cute as ever, and she's grown up so much!

Princess Aiko of Japan. In Japanese, Aiko means "Love Child."

Princess Aiko and her parents, Crown Princess Masako and Crown Prince Naruhito of Japan.

Naruhito, Aiko, and Masako.

Aiko looking on as her mother, Masako, giggles at a small dog.

Aiko and her parents, the Crown Prince and Princess.

Aiko's grandparents, the Emperor and Empress of Japan.

A very grown-up looking Aiko with her parents.

Aiko and Masako.

Aiko with her parents, and a puppy.

A somberly dressed Masako and her husband, Naruhito.

Princess Masako. She is a very educated woman, and dated Naruthito for 8 years before she would marry him. It took her another 8 years or so to get pregnant and carry to term a child, Aiko. Because Japan decided not to change the Imperial constitution, little Princess Aiko will not be Empress one day. Instead, the Crown Prince has a nephew that will some day take the throne.