30 October 2012

The Royal Danes

Princess Mary decked out in full regalia.

The Crown Princess most often wears the diamond and ruby parure, once belonging to Queen Ingrid.

Princess Mary and Prince Frederik. Notice that they are both wearing the white enameled elephant orders, which, for some reason or other, are symbols of Denmark.

Mary wearing a simple red dress and elaborate jewels.

Former Danish Princess, the Countess Alexandra. When she divorced Prince Joachim, she lost her royal princess title.

Princess Benedikte, sister to Queen Margrethe II, wearing a diamond kokoshnik tiara.

Princess Benedikte of Denmark.

Princess Benedikte wearing a lovely diamond star and pearl spike tiara.

Princess Benedikte and Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark at a banquet.

New Princess, Marie, with husband Prince Joachim.

Princess Marie looking stylish in a diamond tiara and fur stole.

The Crown Prince and Prince with Princess Marie and Prince Joachim in the background.

Queen Margrethe II and Prince Henrik of Denmark.

Queen Margrethe II wearing a diamond heart tiara.

Queen Margrethe at a banquet.