12 August 2013

Russians from a lost age

Emperor Alexander II of Russia with his Danish-born wife, Empress Marie Fedorovna.

The Empress Yekaterina the Great. The young Grand Duchess was a pure, shy girl when she came to Russia, and soon became corrupted by the court of the Empress Elisabeth. Empress Catherine hated her husband, and usurped the throne from him.

The beautiful Empress Marie Fedorovna. She is wearing her trademark diamond kokoshnik.

Empress Marie, in a signed photo from 1989.

Identical sisters: Empress Marie and her sister, Queen Alexandra of Denmark, often dressed together in society to amuse themselves.

After the deaths of their husbands and long years of hardships, the two sisters had grown much apart, but nevertheless bought and shared a house together in Hvidore, Denmark, in their later years. Alexandra died in 1925, Maria in 1928, ten years after the assassination of her son, Nikolai II, and his family.