04 February 2013

Pink is the Best!

Pink is the best, and in my opinion, it is not used enough in jewelry. More pinks, I say!
Diamond and pink topaz brooch, circa 1900.

Gem set and diamond brooch, early 19th century.

 A beautiful diamond and pink topaz brooch, late 19th century.

A gold, ruby and diamond brooch, mid 19th century, with later additions.

Kissing birds brooch, late 18th century.

A platinum, diamond and hexagonal cabochon ruby brooch by Verdura, 1996.

Ruby and diamond floral brooch, late 19th century.

Ruby and diamond pedant brooch, 1840's.

Diamond and natural pearls (the pink one is a conch pearl) brooch, in the form of acorns and leaves.

A tourmaline and diamond pendant brooch by Vever, circa 1900.

A pink topaz, gold, and enameled flower brooch, mid 19th century.