12 March 2012

Halo and Kokoshnik Tiaras

A diamond halo tiara

The diamond halo tiara of Loelia, Duchess of Westminster. The tiara can be heightened with the addition of a diamond strand around the outer edge of the tiara.

The diamond and cabochon emerald tiara of the Grand Duchess Yelisaveta of Russia. It later belonged to the Russian Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna the Younger, who was a first cousin to Tsar Nikolai II. She was forced to sell all her jewels after the Russian revolution, and she eventually settled in New York City.

A Cartier "diademe russe", a tiara in the Russian Kokoshnik style.

A unique diamond kokoshnik tiara, in which blue enamel has filled in the spaces in the floral design. This is by far my most favorite tiara.

A diamond mesh tiara.

A sunray style tiara, with a large gray pearl at its center.

A black steel, ruby and diamond tiara.

A large diamond sunray tiara, with a central sapphire stone.

One of my all-time favorite tiaras. This is a beautiful diamond floral style kokoshnik with a nice, openwork design. Unfortunately, it was unsold and taken apart in the early 20th century.