03 February 2013

And still more flowers!

Enamel and diamond floral brooches, late 18th century.

Garnet and diamond bird and flowers brooch, 18th century.

Garnet, turquoise and gold brooch, early 19th century.

Natural pearls and diamond flower buds brooch, late 19th century.

Gold oak branch brooch, mid 19th century.

Gold, seed pearl and diamond cornucopia brooch, late 19th century.

Gold and pink  topaz floral spray brooch, early 19th century.

Gold and seed pearl "goose berries" brooch, circa 1840.

A truly fantastical mushroom brooch by Julia Peng. It is made with opal, diamonds, and tsavorite garnets.

Flower brooch made with diamonds and icy jadeite.

A purple and white enamel flower brooch with diamonds, circa 1900.