05 February 2013

A touch of Blue...Bracelets

Colored sapphire bracelet by Michael Youssoufian.

Colored sapphire flower bracelet by Adler.

Aquamarine and diamond bracelet, circa 1935.

Gold, diamond and cabochon sapphire bracelet, circa 1850.

Colored stone and gold bracelet, 1910.

Platinum, aquamarine and diamond bracelet, Cartier, London, circa 1930.

Gold, turquoise and diamond bracelet, French made.

Platinum, diamond and aquamarine bracelet by Oscar Heyman, circa 1925.

Platinum, gold, diamond and sapphire bracelet.

Platinum, sapphire and diamond bracelet, circa 1920.

Sapphire and diamond bracelet by Buccellati, 1930's.

Platinum, diamond and sapphire bracelet and clip combination, circa 1935.
Platinum, diamond and sapphire floral bracelet, circa 1960.

Sapphire and diamond floral bracelt, circa 1960.