24 February 2012

Grand Diamond Tiaras

An unusual diamond tiara with scrolling openwork designs.

A diamond tiara with simple, repeating elements.

A large and open diamond design, with a small leafy wreath edging the top  of the tiara.

A stylized floral tiara.

A diamond bandeau tiara, which belogned to Queen Elisabeth of Belgium.

A scrolling, heart tiara, similar to the Spencer family tiara worn most often by Princess Diana.

The Mountbatten Tiara, worn by Edwina, countess Mountbatten.

A tiara in the form of tear or rain drops. It's most famous appearance  is in the movie The Princess Diaries, where it is worn by Anne Hathaway.

A spike, floral tiara.

A tiara with a Celtic, knotted pattern.

The magnificent tiara of the Grand Duchess Vladimir of Russia., made of white and yellow diamonds.

A thickly designed tiara, with modified fleur-de-lis designs.