23 February 2012

Gold Wreath Tiaras

Archaeological revival gold tiara from 1930.

Citrine and gold tiara in the form of ears of wheat.

A gold and enamel tiara with cameos and intaglios.

A tiara with gothic arches made from enamel, gold, sapphires, diamonds, and citrines.

A highly detailed enamel, gold, and pearl crown.

A colorful bouquet tiara, with various precious and semi-precious stones and gold leaves and stems.

An American-made gold wreath tiara.

A delicate gold, enamel, pearl, diamond, ruby and sapphire coronet circlet.

A simply gold and diamond flower tiara. Each flower is set en tremblant, which allows the flowers to move with every movement of the wearer.

A gold and diamond leaf tiara.

A porcelain and gold orange blossom tiara of Queen Victoria's. It was a gift from her consort, Prince Albert. The four green oranges symbolize their (then) 4 children.

A gold, turquoise, and aquamarine rose tiara.