25 February 2012

Colorful Tiaras

A complete gold and opal parure, consisting of a tiara comb, necklace, two bracelets, earrings and a brooch.

A tiara set with large, deep purple amethysts.

A diamond and amethyst tiara, laying atop it's own concept drawing. It is shown here as a necklace, but can be converted easily into a tiara.

A modern cut aquamarine and diamond tiara. This tiara is by Cartier, and it's interesting as Queen Elizabeth II has two dress clips by Cartier that perfectly match this design, although this tiara is not in Her Majesty's collection.

A diamond and ruby spinel comb.

A diamond and emerald tiara formerly belonging to the Countess of Rosse. The central element can be removed and worn as a brooch.

A pink topaz and diamond bow tiara.

A floral tiara of diamonds and flawless deep blue turquoises, which belonged to Princess Alice, The Duchess of Gloucester.

A tiara with 3 sparingly placed emeralds.

The beautiful emerald and diamond tiara of the Empress Eugenie of France, the last reigning  queen of that country.

The sapphire and diamond tiara of Empress Alexandra Feodorovna of Russia, by the Russian jeweler Bolin.

A large gold tiara with paste emeralds and diamonds.

A modern and openwork design of silver and cabochon and baroque pink stones.

The Oriental Circlet of Queen Victoria. It originally contained opals, but when Alexandra, the Princess of Wales acceded to the throne and inherited this piece, she has the opals replaced with rubies, as opals are superstitiously bad luck when worn by women.

A petite diamond and sapphire circlet worn by a young Queen Victoria.

A diamond and spinel tiara in a very worked, complicated design.

A sapphire and diamond tiara, with scrolling fleur-de-lis designs.

A petite and delicate diamond and turquoise tiara.