09 July 2015

Purple Jewels!

Photo courtesy MyNorthwest.com

Purple jewels are the best! On a side note, there is a store in Seattle, Washington, USA, that only sells purple. It really makes you think. The sign actually reads, "Yes, everything we sell is purple."

An 18 karat gold, amethyst, enamel, emerald and diamond pillbox, France, circa 1900.

A 19th century amethyst and diamond brooch.

A 19th century gold, pearl and amethyst brooch.

An amethyst and diamond brooch/pendant, by Paulding Farnham for Tiffany & Co., circa 1890.

An amethyst and turquoise clip-brooch by Verdura.

An art deco amethyst, diamond and rock crystal clip brooch by Gazdar.

A gold and amethyst brooch/pendant, early 19th century.

A late 19th century amethyst and diamond brooch, circa 1890.

A late 19th century amethyst and diamond scarab brooch.

A platinum, amethyst and moonstone brooch by Cartier.

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