11 May 2015

Jabot Pins

Jabot and stick pins are a simpler style of brooch, for when you want to wear something nice but not too large! There are also hat pins, tie pins, and any number of similar small ornaments.

A lapis lazuli and diamond jabot pin depicting a Chinese immortal, 1920s.

A diamond, emerald and onyx Panthère de Cartier jabot brooch, by Cartier.

An amethyst and diamond stick pin depicting a bull dog, 1880s.

Art art deco emerald, diamond and onyx jabot brooch by Cartier.

An emerald and diamond jabot pin by Raymond Yard, 1920s.

A jabot pin with a natural pearl and diamonds, circa 1925.

A natural pearl and diamond jabot pin, early 20th century.

A platinum, black opal, diamond, emerald and sapphire jabot pin, France, circa 1910.

A platinum, faience, coral, diamond and pearl "Isis" stickpin, circa 1923.

Three diamond and gem-set pins from Cartier's Panthère series.

A baroque pearl and diamond hat pin, late 19th century.

A diamond and blue enamel stick pin.

A gold, silver, and diamond tie p;in with the cypher of Tsar Alexander III of Russia, by Fabergé, circa 1890.

A turquoise and gold tie pin.

A white gold and natural pearl stick pin, circa 1915.

Two natural pearl stickpins and a natural pearl earring.

An early 20th century ruby and diamond arrow pin by Cartier, circa 1920.

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