26 April 2015

Cameos and Miniatures

A carved onyx portrait cameo habillé of Napoleon I, by Nicola Morelli.

A shell cameo and diamond pendant.

An agate and gold cameo, 1840.

An enamel and pearl pendant with a portrait of a man.

A diamond and shell cameo pendant, early 19th century.

A diamond pendant, circa 1875, portrait of a lady in Imperial Russian court dress, by Köchli.

An emerald, seed pearl and painted eye pendant.

An enamel, diamond, and portrait miniature pendant, second half of the 19th century.

A floral gold and eye portrait pendant.

A hardstone cameo, enamel and seed pearl pendant by Carlo Giuliano.

A platinum, gold, enamel, diamond, and seed pearl pendant/watch with a cameo miniature center, circa 1910.

A Renaissance revival gold, hardstone cameo, diamond, pearl and enamel pendant, French made, circa 1870.

Two gold and gem-set painted eye portrait pendants, English school, 1820's.

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