14 December 2014

White Rings

A diamond and gold ring of cross-over design.

An 18 karat gold and diamond ring by Verdura.

An 18 karat white gold and diamond ring.

An 18 Karat White Gold, Diamond and Colored Stone 'Panthère' Ring, Cartier, France.

A diamond ring of star design.

A moonstone, sapphire and diamond ring.

An antique moonstone ring.

An art deco natural pearl and diamond ring, circa 1925.

18 Karat White Gold, Diamond and emerald 'Panthère' Ring, Cartier, France.jpg

A diamond ring of teardrop and bow design, from the first quarter of the 19th century.

A diamond bow dress ring.

A diamond dress ring by Sterlé, circa 1960.

A set of three rings and one brooch, from Chopard's "Happy Diamond" series.

A diamond, moonstone and gold ring.

A diamond ring by Chaumet.

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