13 December 2014

Tiaras, diadems, and headbands

Celebrity Lauren Conrad wearing a rhinestone star headband for the cover of the US Cosmopolitan magazine.

A mid 20th century diamond and pearl tiara, circa 1900.

A mid 19th century diamond tiara, circa 1850, shown here with the detachable flowers as brooches.

The tiara with the detachable flowers shown above, made with diamonds, circa 1850.

A natural pearl and diamond aigrette tiara, late 19th century, by Guillot.

A platinum and diamond bandeau, circa 1915.

A platinum and diamond tiara/necklace combination.

The colored yellow diamond and white diamond tiara of Princess Paul of Yugoslavia (1893-1976).

A suite of late 19th century diamond bow brooches that attach to a frame to form a tiara, circa 1890.

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