06 August 2013

Amazing Diamond Brooches

Antique rose diamond brooch.

Diamond "en pampille" brooch, circa 1860.

Diamond brooch, Buccellati, circa 1930.

Diamond and pearl brooch, late 18th century.

Diamond brooch, late 19th century.

Diamond brooch, late 19th century.

Late 19th century diamond brooch.

Diamond brooch, Mario Buccellati, circa 1925.

A diamond brooch by Marzo, circa 1910, Paris, France.

A diamond brooch by Vever, circa 1905.

A diamond pendant/brooch, circa 1840.

A diamond "devant de corsage" brooch by Chaumet, London/Paris, 1905.

A gold, silver, and diamond brooch from the mid 19th century.

A platinum, gold and diamond brooch, circa 1900.