19 November 2012

Diamond Ear Pendants

Diamond and platinum ear pendants, circa 1935.

Diamond and fancies pendant earrings.

Diamond and gold mesh earrings by Buccelatti, Italy.

Moonstone and diamond pendant earrings in platinum.

Morganite and diamond pendant earrings by Margherita Burgener.

Onyx and diamond earrings.

Diamond and platinum chandelier earrings.

Platinum and diamond earrings, circa 1920.

The Imperial Russian Romanov nuptial earrings. The earrings were so heavy to wear, that they had to be looped around the ear and not through the ear hole. Every imperial Russian bride wore them on her wedding day.

Gold wreath and diamond earrings by Verdura, circa 1940.

Fancy diamond and clear diamond vine earrings.