12 October 2012

Green with Envy

Demantoid garnet and diamond brooch, late 19th century.

Diamond and demantoid garnet brooch, circa 1910.

Emerald and diamond pendant, late 19th century.

An emerald and diamond brooch, 1920's.

An emerald and diamond brooch, circa 1890.

An emerald and diamond flower brooch, circa 1890.

An emeraldn, diamond and pearl triangle brooch by Bulgari.

Emerald, ruby and diamond corsage ornament.

Emerald and diamond dress clips by Garrard, 1930's.

Jadeite and diamond "Huaigu" brooch.

Platinum, gold, peridot and pearl brooch, circa 1890.

Emerald and diamond brooch, where the stones are set in silver. 1870-1890.