11 October 2012

Don't be Square...

A Russian-made amethyst and diamond brooch, late 19th century.

Victorian late 19th century diamond brooch.

Aquamarine and diamond brooch, late 19th century.

Carnival mask brooches by Carlo Arthuro Giuliano, 1896-1914.

Rose cut diamond brooch from the 18th century.

Simple diamond circular brooch.

Diamond, enamel, ruby, emerald, and sapphire brooch/watch by Ostertag, France, circa 1925.

A diamond and pearl brooch from 1900.

A diamond and pearl brooch.

An elaborate emerald and diamond brooch, late 19th century.

Emerald and diamond circle brooch, circa 1920.

An enamel and pink stone brooch, 1900.

A gold, diamond, ruby, enamel and pearl brooch by Louis Comfort Tiffany.

A gold, diamond, enamel, and lapis lazuli brooch by David Webb.

Gold, pearl, ruby and other precious stone brooch by Castellani, circa 1860.

An imperial diamond brooch, mid 19th century.

Natural pearl and diamond brooch and earring set, late 19th century.

Natural pearl, ruby, cabochon sapphire, and diamond brooch.

Lozenge-shaped diamond brooch.

A set of presentation brooches of gold, diamond, and pink enamel. They have the Cyrillic characters for AF (Empress Alexandra Fedorovna) and NA (Tsar Nikolai II Alexandrovich).

Platinum and diamond brooch by Tiffany & Co., circa 1920.

Diamond and large cushion-shaped yellow topaz brooch, late 19th century.