21 January 2012

Fabergé Brooches, Part II

 An enamel, gold, and precious gem Faberge brooch.

 A page out of a Faberge catalogue. There are diamond flower brooches and pairs of earrings pictured.

 A fine peridot flower bar brooch, very delicate and simple in design, unlike most of Faberge's other jewelry pieces.

 A gold, enamel, and ruby brooch with a diamond monogram in the center.

 A sketch of a royal piece brooch from diamonds and emeralds.

 A bar brooch of lilac enamel and diamonds.

 A diamond, ruby and sapphire brooch in the form of a simplified bouquet of flowers.

 A miniature portrait surrounded by diamonds and a ring of blue enamel. Faberge was quite a skilled firm at enamels, and would lay translucent enamels over gold which had interesting, repeating patterns engraved into it.

 A 4-pointed gold star brooch with a large diamond in the center.

A gold double-headed Russian Imperial Romanov eagle brooch with three sapphire and diamond pendants hanging from it. It is pictured in its original case.