21 January 2012

Fabergé Brooches, Part I

 A brooch with hexagonal amethysts surrounded by a thin edge of diamonds, with a delicate diamond bow connected them, made by Faberge.

 Another hexagonal amethyst brooch, surrounded by a flowery border in diamonds. Amethysts of exceptional came from mines in Siberia, and were very popular in jewelry.

 A square diamond and amethyst brooch.

 A cabochon of chalcedony surrounded by a delicate border of diamonds, topped with a diamond bow.

 An aquamarine surrounded by a diamond border, with a wreath of diamond flowers and leaves bordering the brooch.

 A heart-shaped aquamarine brooch by Faberge, which is nicely topped by a diamond bow and a border of diamonds.

 A square aquamarine and diamond brooch, similar to the amethyst one above.

A cabochon sapphire topped with a diamond bow and edged in a border of diamonds.