06 December 2011

Miscellaneous Jewels

 An antique pearl and diamond bracelet, the stones set in silver while the rest is backed in gold.

 Sapphire and diamond set, including ring, earrings, and bracelet.

 Diamond and emerald bracelet.

 A brooch designed as bright red apple blossoms and petals, done in gold and enamels.

 Gold link bracelet.

 A tortoiseshell comb topped with a delicate crown decoration.

 A diamond and gold heart pendant suspended from a thick gold chain.

 Diamond and sapphire.chandelier earrings.

 Baroque brown topaz and diamond ear pendants and pendant necklace.

Wide white-gold cuff bracelet, decorated with eight-pointed stars and sprinkled with clear diamonds.

Symbols in Jewelry

 Victorian or Edwardian era diamond earrings designed as anchors.

 Coral, diamond, and gold swirl sun brooch.

Diamond Fleur-de-lys brooch, with various shapes and sizes of diamonds.

Diamond and Pearl Ear Pendants

 Pearl and diamond earclips set in gold, reminiscent of the 1980's flamboyant fashions.

Gold and diamond earrings decorated as stars.

Green and Gold Sealife

 A demantoid garnet marlin pendant in bright yellow gold.

 A sort of fish done up in bright yellow gold, designed as ear pendants.

 natural pearl and gold sea star brooch.

Jean Schlumberger demantoid garnet seahorse brooch, made for Tiffany and Co.

Portraits in Gold

 A brooch, much in the style of Lalique or Fouquet, with a women in profile done in shining gold, with enamel and gold flowers springing from around her.

 A large Tiffany and Co. autumn leaves necklace, made out of copper.

 A pair of diamond and ruby Blackamoor brooches.

 A pair of gold Blackamoor brooches.

 A large cameo necklace and parure, consisting of earrings and a ring.

 Another gold and cameo parure of a bracelet, earrings, cufflink, and brooch.

 A David Webb Poseidon brooch, complete with a large cultured pearl and trident.

 A pendant necklace in the form of a small picture frame.

 Another pendant necklace made to look like a picture in an enameled frame.

Almost the same as a typical Blackamoor brooch, but done in a tawny brown stone instead of the ebony black skinned moor brooches.

Pendant Necklaces

 An art deco emerald and diamond necklace.

A locket and ring in midnight blue enamel, bordered in diamonds, with designs on top of the enamel in diamonds.

Grand and Varied Necklaces

 Rainbow stone necklace in a sort of Moroccan-style.

 Gold dogwood flower necklace and bracelet by Tiffany and Co.

 Enameled gray and diamond panels interspersed on this gray-toned necklace.

 Large, spike-shaped baroque freshwater pearls hang as pendants on this gold necklace.

Aquamarine and gold necklace and chandelier ear pendants.

 Antique diamond and ruby necklace.

 Pearl buttons and diamond clusters interspersed with diamond cross designs.

A turquoise and diamond antique necklace with match ring and brooch.

More Insects in Jewelry

 A blue titanium and diamond butterfly brooch, very much modern.

 A necklace composed of festoons interspersed with rock crystal pendants, each adorned with tiny jeweled butterflies.

A Russian-made diamond and cabochon ruby insect brooch.

Gold Jewels

 The bright color of yellow gold isn't nearly so common in jewelry, as it seems to clash with the silver color of diamonds, (for those that are so fashion conscious), and as a result, many jewels are set in platinum,white gold, or silver. This brooch is made with pale rainbow opals, yellow gold, coral, and diamonds.

 A David Webb square brooch, done in diamonds set in a white metal, with a gold rope design.

 A white coral, diamond, and gold ear pendant.

 A large, lace-like cuff bracelet in pierced gold.

 A floral diamond and gold tassel brooch.

 A tri-layer bangle bracelet in gold with rubies and diamonds.

A very classical Tiffany and Co. pocket watch, done in Green Enamel with a floral design in delicate gold.

The natural world in Diamonds

 Conch pearl and diamond flower brooch with a blackened, antique look.

 Diamond fern clips, which can be worn as dress clips or hair ornaments.

 Mother of Pearl flower brooch with a jeweled stamen.

 Enameled Pansy brooch in a myriad of blues, lavenders, and chartreuse. The stems are designed in diamonds with a diamond string keeping them all together.

A large magenta flower, with petals made from watermelon tourmalines, and edged in diamonds, with a gold and diamond center.