06 December 2011

Portraits in Gold

 A brooch, much in the style of Lalique or Fouquet, with a women in profile done in shining gold, with enamel and gold flowers springing from around her.

 A large Tiffany and Co. autumn leaves necklace, made out of copper.

 A pair of diamond and ruby Blackamoor brooches.

 A pair of gold Blackamoor brooches.

 A large cameo necklace and parure, consisting of earrings and a ring.

 Another gold and cameo parure of a bracelet, earrings, cufflink, and brooch.

 A David Webb Poseidon brooch, complete with a large cultured pearl and trident.

 A pendant necklace in the form of a small picture frame.

 Another pendant necklace made to look like a picture in an enameled frame.

Almost the same as a typical Blackamoor brooch, but done in a tawny brown stone instead of the ebony black skinned moor brooches.