06 December 2011

Gold Jewels

 The bright color of yellow gold isn't nearly so common in jewelry, as it seems to clash with the silver color of diamonds, (for those that are so fashion conscious), and as a result, many jewels are set in platinum,white gold, or silver. This brooch is made with pale rainbow opals, yellow gold, coral, and diamonds.

 A David Webb square brooch, done in diamonds set in a white metal, with a gold rope design.

 A white coral, diamond, and gold ear pendant.

 A large, lace-like cuff bracelet in pierced gold.

 A floral diamond and gold tassel brooch.

 A tri-layer bangle bracelet in gold with rubies and diamonds.

A very classical Tiffany and Co. pocket watch, done in Green Enamel with a floral design in delicate gold.