07 September 2011


Crown of Bohemia

The Christian IV Crown on display in the treasury at Rosenborg Castle, Copenhagen, Denmark.

The video I took while at the Treasury. My husband waited outside while I explored the vast castle. The Treasury is in the basement!

Christian IV of Denmark Crown
The Christian IV crown has amazing gold work and enameling details. Large diamonds have been taken out of some parts of the crown, such as the ones that used to be above the pear pearls, above.
Christian V's crown at Rosenborg Castle treasury in Denmark.
A close up of the enamel and diamond orb and cross on top of the Christian V Crown.
The Queen's Crown at the Treasury at Rosenborg Castle, made for Queen Sophie Magdalene.
For a video of the circumference of these crowns, go here: http://youtu.be/cTUT6_IlIUM
A crown covered in pearls and diamonds. Anyone know the provenance of this one?