22 October 2014

Black Bracelets

I've also added a new feature to my blog, a Glossary with useful jewelry terms. I'll be adding more terms, but it's useful to know the correct vocabulary when appreciating jewelry!

An 18 karat white gold, black spinel, diamond and ruby "Scottie Dog" bracelet by Michele della Valle.

A diamond and black lacquer bracelet by Adler.

An onyx and diamond Cartier "Panthère" bracelet, once owned by the Duchess of Windsor.

A diamond and onyx bracelet by Cartier, 1920's.

A diamond bracelet, early 20th century. A black velvet ribbon is woven into the bracelet.

A platinum, diamond, and onyx bracelet.

Platinum diamond and seed pearl seed choker and bracelet combination.

A platinum, onyx, coral, and diamond bracelet by Cartier.


  1. Gorgeous pieces of jewelry! I especially love the diamond choker. Anyone who wears it will look royalty in a matter of seconds. Any of those pieces will look lovely on whoever wears it. You absolutely know your jewelry. Thanks for sharing those! All the best to you! :)

    Angelica Jenkins @ Royal Gold

    1. Thanks! This blog is a labor of love for me, and I so much enjoy sharing all the pics of jewelry I collect.