02 February 2014

Russian Imperial Jewels

A tiara of huge pear pearls and diamonds, belonging to Empress Alexandra Fedorovna, consort to the last tsar. It was made by court jeweler Bolin.

A diamond and pearl choker necklace of Grand Duchess Vladimir, made by Cartier.

An emerald and diamond necklace belonging to Grand Duchess Vladimir, aka Maria Pavlovna the Older.

Grand Duchess Vladimir's diamond and sapphire kokoshnik tiara.

Grand Duchess Vladimir's diamond waterfall tiara, made by Chaumet. The tiara's current whereabouts are unknown.

La Pelegrina pearl, belonging to the Yusupov clan.

The diamond sunburst tiara made by Chaumet, which was a wedding present to Princess Irina, wife of Prince Yusupov.

A diamond and emerald bandeau, which was a wedding gift to Princess Irina Yusupova.

The rock crystal and diamond tiara by Cartier, which was a wedding present to Princess Irina Yusupova from her mother, Grand Duchess Xenia.

A display of imperial jewelry in a window at Chaumet in Paris. They were wedding gifts to Princess Irina Yusupova.

A diamond and sapphire imperial Russian brooch belonging to the imperial family.

An emerald and diamond brooch belonging to the Russian imperial family.

The favorite diadem of Empress Maria Fedorovna of Russia, mother of the last tsar. It is made by Bolin. It was sold during the 1920's by the Soviet government, and has been in numerous hands through the years. It is reported to be currently in the collection of Imelda Marcos, the former first lady of the Philippines.

Another view of the diadem. It was originally bought at auction in the 1920's by Gladys, Duchess of Marlborough, who sold it not long after her marriage to the Duke of Marlborough failed.

A diadem by Russian court jeweler Bolin, belonging to Empress Alexandra.

Another imperial Russian diadem made by Bolin.

An imperial Russian kokoshnik tiara by Bolin. It was later in the possession of Queen Marie of Rumania.

A beautiful imperial Russian diadem by Bolin.

An  Imperial Russian diadem by Bolin. It is currently in the collection of the Danish royal family.

The Imperial Russian nuptial crown by Bolin, which is at the Hillwood Museum in Washington, DC, and the diadem with a large pink diamond. It was worn by all imperial Russian Grand Duchesses on their wedding day.

The impressive diadem with a large, rare pink diamond.

A sketch for a large kokoshnik-style imperial Russian diadem.

The tiara made from the above sketch.