10 March 2012

Star Tiaras

 By far, my most favorite emblem in jewelry is stars, specifically diamond stars. The Empress Elisabeth of Austria-Hungary, in the 1800's, would wear several diamond stars pinned in her long, wavy brown hair. Nearly every European royal family has diamond star brooches in its collection, but it is the diamond star Tiara which seemed to be more popular in Tsarist Russia than anywhere else.
A beautiful 5 star tiara, with a white pearl at each center. Most Star tiaras are simple in design like this, with the stars sometimes set on springs so that they move with the wearer.

A simple, many-pointed star tiara, where the star can be removed from the tiara base and worn as a brooch.

A large 5-star tiara, with the stars resting on an intricate, Celtic-inspired diamond base.